Ageism is alive and living in the UK - as any newly unemployed person in the 50+ age group might well discover when they start looking for work.

So starting your own business is the obvious option and if you are looking for help, Suzanne Noble's Startup School for Seniors, recently featured in The Guardian and on BBC national news is a great place to start.

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Terrified of speaking on stage?

According to Kathryn Slack of Ignite Speaker Events it's our worst fear.

"We'd rather be dead in a box, than have to give the eulogy," she says.

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Anne Gould talks to Feng Shui expert Janine Lowe.

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Artisan glassmaker and artist Emma Kirkham talks about social selling - on Facebook events- and how pivoting her business after lockdown has helped her create a new digital revenue stream.

Terrified of tech and being seen in the world? 

Anne Gould from Master the Digital Maze has the answers.

Today she talks to Nicole Johnson, writing coach and author about writing your first business book - in just ten minutes a day.


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